About Us

Thank you for visiting NationalParkSouvenirs.com, the official retail website of Eagle River Designs! We have been in the business of creating beautiful custom souvenir collectables for over 30 years, with a direct focus on the natural world and our U.S. national parks and public lands. On the custom-level, we work hand-in-hand with the non-profit associations of these public lands to bring increased revenue directly into the parks and the programs they support. Our retail site was created to provide collectors with an easy way to get your hands on all of the stock items that we offer, and allows us to give back to the organizations and causes that we believe in!

10% of all NATIONAL PARK product sales are donated directly to projects within each park!

Additionally, each month, we choose an organization or program that is in line with our mission to support the protection of wildlife nationwide and donate 10% of all purchases of our WILDLIFE SERIES pins to that cause at the end of the month.  


We are excited to announce our next Wildlife Series non-profit donation recipient: THE PEREGRINE FUND! Through September 2020, 10% of all sales of our Wildlife Series pins will be donated to The Peregrine Fund at The World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho. As the Center is currently closed due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, every dollar really does matter! 

Join us in making conservation of birds of prey around the world possible. Our collective donation means that The Peregrine Fund will be there to confront the near certainty of extinction for numerous species. WE are creating the potential to save species on the brink, and go beyond.  Beyond is our vision of a world where people value and protect birds of prey and where the threat of extinction no longer applies, because each species is understood and supported in filling its singular niche.

With each purchase from our National Wildlife Collection, you are making a real difference helping achieve The Peregrine Fund’s goals of preventing extinctions, protecting habitat, engaging people, and addressing threats, ultimately conserving and protecting the birds we cherish and the planet we love.

Find out more about this amazing cause and make your own contribution by visiting PeregrineFund.org, and check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umRtW4UPIb0&t=22s for their incredible 50th anniversary film! 

Do you have a cause that you love, that you would like us to consider donating to? Please contact us for information on being added to our DONATION SCHEDULE!

National Park Souvenirs is the official retail site for Eagle River Designs stock items. 

For wholesale orders, please contact us at info@eagleriverdesigns.com.